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The truth is that without honey bees (and other pollinators) that cup of coffee, avocado, apples, almonds, vegetables and many other pollinator-dependent foods and flora, would become luxuries.  Though we wouldn't starve, our choices would be severely diminished and the cost of items we take for granted would be astronomical.  If we do not help our pollinators like honeybees, we will experience a dramatic rippling effect throughout our fragile ecosystem.

 It's time to get involved and fight for our honey bees!  What you can do right now:

  • Support us by purchasing our all-natural hive products like honey and other merchandise.

  • Donate to our Adopt-A-Hive program.  (You will love being involved in the success of honey bees).

  • Sign up for a beekeeping experience day.

  • Stop using weed killers for dandelions and clover on your lawn (it is bee food)

  • Plant a pollinator-friendly garden instead of grass.

Swarm of Bees


Honey Bees Need Your Help Now

  • Are you unable to keep bees where you live?  

  • Maybe you are allergic to bee stings?

  • Unable to invest in the equipment and time necessary to successfully keep bees?

  • Thinking about a unique gift to a friend or family member?

  • Do you just love bees and want to do your part without any other involvement?

Then adopting a hive may be for you!


We are small batch artisans that focus on the health of our colonies first, before we think about harvesting honey.

  1. Unlike some "sticky" honey producers out there, we do not contaminate our honey with fruit, herbs, spices or vegetable matter and certainly would never flavor our product with chemicals. Infusion and flavoring are not the same.  Our honey has a superior clarity, color and texture because we remove all traces of the mash post-process.

  2. Only glass is used to package our honey. 

  3. We use only the finest grade, organic ingredients to infuse the honey.

  4. We practice responsible disease treatment that is safe for our honey stores.

  5. We have a limited supply of our unique infusions.

  6.  We know exactly where our honey comes from!